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Coaching and Lessons

The disciplines offered are:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Singing

  • Acting 

  • Violin

  • Music Theory

In-person lessons and coachings are offered in Montreal (Quebec). For people outside, the work is done via Skype. The fee for each discipline is $50 plus tax per hour.

Musical Theatre Coaching


The musical theatre coachings are offered from professional to amateur level, for auditions or performances.


From interpretation to vocal placement, to analyzing the words and the music.


Marie-Pierre has been a musical theatre coach since 2010. She has coached dozens of professional artists and young beginners for auditions and shows in Montreal, Toronto and New York, both in French and English. She has refined her expertise and is comfortable coaching all types of castings and vocal ranges. In a coaching session, arts will be merged, links will be created between the words and the music.


Retranscription or arrangement of sheet music service can be offered.

Description for all services offered can be found below.


From the moment she began to sing, something in the room changed: The bell-tone purity of her voice, the simplicity of her approach (which yet embodied profound sincerity) were quite literally like nothing else we had heard. Ever. Then she read her scenes and more mesmerizing magic still. She was fresh, original and possessed of a palpable, blazing intelligence. In short, if you’re reading this to assess working with Marie-Pierre — in English OR French — let me put it this way: You should be so lucky.

David Spencer

Lyricst-librettist (The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Weird Romance), author of The Musical Theatre Writer's Survival Guide and theacher at BMI

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Matthieu Handfield

Merging singing and acting is a concept that is extremely important to master as a musical theatre artist. Marie-Pierre is one of the few coaches who has the knowledge and skills to teach this art form. Not only are her classes and coachings done with great professionalism (and in pure happiness, in my opinion!), she is first and foremost a very human artist who develops positivity and surpassing oneself in each of her students. Her passion for musical theatre is incomparable. Professionals as well as amateurs know exactly who to call for this kind of teaching. She is consistently gaining the respect and trust of people who have the opportunity to take classes with her.

Matthieu Handfield

Dancer, actor, singer

+ Admitted at AMDA Musical Theatre Performing Program in New York

I have had the chance to work with Marie-Pierre on the professional stage as well as to be coached by her from time to time. Similar to the performer she is on stage, Marie-Pierre is a generous and rigorous coach. Her vision, experience and knowledge of musical theatre are more than relevant. She is detail oriented and meticulous, which allows us to deliver a performance that lives up to our full potential. She is dedicated, her approach is clear and one feels equipped and ready when leaving a coaching session with her. I for sure recommend working with her!

Frederique Cyr-Deschenes


+ Admitted at Ste-Therese’s Musical Theatre Performing Program


It has been a privilege for me to work with Marie-Pierre. She has taught me so much, both on a technical and a personal level. Her finesse, compassion and dedication will always amaze me. She opened so many doors, allowed me to evolve and surpass myself. Never could I have gotten where I’m at now without her. It’s an experience I will never forget with a totally unique person.

Mathilde Beauchemin

Musical theatre performance student

+ Admitted at Ste-Therese’s Musical Theatre Performing Program

Marie-Pierre de Brienne is the greatest enthusiast of musical theatre that I know ... and her passion is contagious! As she masters together the content of a text / scene, the art of performing and requirements of vocal technique, she always has the right words to coach us. In addition, she creates a fun environment and constantly aims for the best of us: we always leave a work session with her more confident and we perform better afterwards. I highly recommend working with her.

Jocelyn Lebeau

Actor, host, director

Photo Jocelyn Lebeau 1-2.jpg
GuillaumeBorys_photo Luc 2.jpg

Marie-Pierre is a fantastic coach. Her teaching style is constructive and she provides very good tools to work with. Multi-skilled, she teaches excellent techniques to use in the art of stage acting and singing. I was coached by her several times, including for on camera acting (Clash, VRAK TV), and I loved her way of analyzing a script. I recommend working with her for anyone who wishes to receive training in this business!


Guillaume Borys

Actor, singer, dancer

Choices are many when it comes to choosing a singing, an acting or a voice coach. But a coach who herself is an accomplished artist, who not only works in the business and has a well reknown name but especially the talent that leaves you speechless, it is rather rare. Who better to know the instrument than a passionate and curious performer who uses it, studies it and teaches it regularly? Marie-Pierre is sweet, generous and has a boundless humility. And she makes me laugh and she helps me understand and love my job every time, all at once. Not only is she a great pedagogue and an exceptional artist, Marie-Pierre also smells good even via Skype. Try to beat that... Im-pos-sible.

Shauna Bonaduce

Actor, voice actor, singer


Michael Esposito II 2.jpg

Marie-Pierre is a performer of the highest caliber, having performed with the industry’s top creatives and artists. She is a caring and passionate person with an undeniable love for the work she does. An opportunity to study with her and gain insights into her process and knowledge in the art of musical theatre cannot be missed!


Michael Esposito II

Actor, singer, dancer

Coaching and Singing Lessons

The levels of coachings and singing lessons are offered from professional to amateur. For work, for personal development or simply for fun. The class format develops over a longer period of time to refine the acquired knowledge.The coaching format is for singing auditions or to consolidate work before performances. Since the interpretation of a musical piece is expressed through words and melody, we will analyze the music as well as the lyrics. We will talk about vocal technique, vocal exercises and the body’s involvement.


Retranscription or arrangement of sheet music service can be offered.

Coaching and Acting Lessons

Whether it’s for the stage or the screen, the levels of coachings and acting classes are offered from professional to amateur. Classes are offered over a longer period, while coachings are perfect before auditioning or to fine-tune material before performances. If it’s for an audition, we can choose the scene or scenes together, so that the material is appropriate for the actor’s casting type. We will go through all the steps to set up the material, be it text analysis or stage directions.

Violin Lessons

Violin lessons are offered from advanced to amateur level. This class is particularly appreciated by young people. Whether you want to start with the instrument or consolidate the work done at school, our journey is always through fun and precision. The student must have their own violin, in the size that suits them. It is possible to determine the appropriate size together.

Music Theory Lessons

Music theory lessons are offered from advanced to amateur level. The rules of music are numerous. This notion is necessary for anyone wishing to advance in their understanding of music, whether for performance or composition.

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